These Monitors May Make High-Def Obsolete

Step aside, high-def, there's a new sheriff in town. Two new 4K displays from FSN Medical Technologies deliver ultra high-def — four times the resolution of traditional high-definition screens. The 31" monitor features input/output options for DVI, SDI and DisplayPort. It shows crystal clear images and still stays within the size range recommended by most OR boom arm systems. FSN's 55" monitor can display four HD pictures on a single screen. It includes image mirror and rotate functions. Both of FSN's 4K displays feature high-brightness LED technology, rapid signal detection, clinical color calibration and rugged construction designed to last. Pair them with FTDS optical fiber transmitters and receivers to extend the 4K signal over long distances. FSN offers a wide range of other displays, including 3D and touchscreens, in sizes from 19" to 55".

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