Everyone Loves This Pain Pump

Which pain pump saves you money and produces happier patients and physicians? The InfuBLOCK post-surgical pain management system from InfuSystem. When a patient's insurance plan covers the pump, the company bills the insurer for you. If not, you'll still be able to buy the InfuBLOCK for half the price of your normal elastomeric pump. Patients also love the InfuBLOCK—its accuracy is impressive, and it features audible safety alarms and an optional bolus. Trained InfuSystem staff contact patients daily to record pain and satisfaction scores; you can see their data via the online, HIPAA-compliant BlockPain Dashboard. A toll-free, 24/7 support hotline staffed by trained nurses answers patient questions—no more after-hours calls to physicians!

For more information, call (844) PAIN-123 ((844) 724-6123), email moreblocks@infusystem.com, visit www.infusystem.com/block or click on "Learn More" below.