The Best Cost-In-Use Glove

Reduce glove waste, minimize glove failures and protect surgeons and staff all while providing outstanding comfort and tactile sensitivity with the Biogel line of surgical gloves from Mölnlycke. A five-center study shows that non-Biogel gloves were 3.5 time as likely to fail as competitive gloves, meaning less glove waste and many fewer costly SSIs. They also provide unmatched feel. Choose from 18 different types of durable, synthetic and latex sterile gloves, including various Biogel PI styles. Made from a synthetic elastomer, they provide the same level of fit, feel and comfort compared to natural rubber latex. Use the Biogel PI for all general surgeries and when latex allergies are a concern. Want to transition to a latex-free environment? The Mölnlycke team can provide on-site education and implementation support.

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