This Combo Provides Better, More Economical Nerve Blocks

Deliver safer, faster and more customizable continuous nerve blocks by combining the Ambu ACTion block pain pump with E-Cath from Pajunk. Disposable and latex-free, the ACTion pump allows easy adjustment of the infusion strategy to match the patients needs. You can fill the pump to any volume between 50 and 650 ml, and refill or replace the reservoir without disturbing the catheter. E-Cath's catheter-over-needle approach makes placing the needle just like placing a single-shot nerve block. Once the tip is in the right location, withdraw the needle and connect the catheter via a luer-lock. Need a longer inner catheter tip? Reach for the E-Cath plus. Use ACTion with E-Cath or E-Cath Plus to save an average of 20 to 30%. Samples available.

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