This Combo Provides Better, More Economical Nerve Blocks

Deliver safer, faster and more customizable continuous nerve blocks by combining the Ambu ACTion block pain pump with E-Cath from Pajunk. Disposable and latex-free, the ACTion pump allows easy adjustment of the infusion strategy to match the patient’s needs. You can fill the pump to any volume between 50-650 ml, and refill or replace the reservoir without disturbing the catheter. E-Cath's catheter-over-needle approach makes placing the needle just like placing a single shot nerve block. Once the tip is in the right location, withdraw the needle and connect the catheter via a luer-lock. Need a longer inner catheter tip? Reach for the E-Cath plus. Use ACTion with E-Cath or E-Cath Plus to save an average of 20-30%. Samples available.

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