These Products Make Staff Safer and Outcomes Better

Improve safety and outcomes with solutions from Zimmer Biomet. Keep staff and patients safe from hazardous waste with the IntelliCart surgical fluid and smoke system. Two reusable reservoirs store up to 34 fluid liters. Reduce the risk of blood clots from deep vein thrombosis (DVT) with the VasoPress System. Automatic cycles of compressed air delivered into a comfortable, secure garment force blood out of deep veins. Effectively clean bone and soft tissue with the Pulsavac Plus Wound Debridement System. A lightweight design and trigger-controlled pressure settings help eliminate contaminants without flooding the field. Use it with the Bactisure Wound Lavage aqueous solution for microorganism and biofilm removal on all wound types. For safe, effective blood flow control, count on the A.T.S. 4000 Tourniquet System. It delivers the minimum pressure needed to occlude a limb, reducing the risk of nerve-related injuries.

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