A Safer, Smarter, Easier Blade Disposal System

Reduce sharp injuries and improve OSHA compliance with the Qlicksmart BladeFLASK scalpel blade removal system from MYCO Medical. Only a single hand is required for use. Insert the blade with the sharp edge right and tang up into the BladeFLASK. An audible click indicates when the blade has been safely removed. Puncture proof, each system holds 100 blades. A built-in visual counter counts down, with the system automatically shutting off when full. Discard the system in your red bag waste. For use in non-sterile environments, it's compatible with most brands of general surgery blades and flat blade handles. BladeFLASK can be mounted to a wall or table using the optional bracket.

For more information, call (800) 454-6926, email customerservice@mycomedical.com, visit www.surgicalsupplies.mycomedical.com/qlicksmart or click on "Learn More" below.