A Much More Efficient Way to Keep Laparoscopes Clean and Fog-Free

Clean and warm laparoscope lenses quickly and easily with the innovative new See Sharp from Xodus Medical. This compact device snaps right on a 5mm or 12mm trocar without being in the way due to the low profile design. When visualization problems start, the surgeon can withdraw the scope, wipe the lens on the microfiber cloth and then insert it into a thermostatically controlled reservoir of warm anti-fog solution. The reservoir contains a dual-layer sponge that envelops and protects the lens. Simply remove the laparoscope, wipe the lens on one of the two scratch-free sponges and return it to the trocar. Each kit contains a white-balancing microfiber cloth, cleaning pads, swabs for the trocar and a second, backup bottle of anti-fog solution. Set-up and operation is simple. Powerful batteries deliver up to five hours of operation.

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