Boost Net Revenue And Patient Volume With This Program

With high-deductible plans on the rise, patients face more barriers to care and are more likely to default on obligations than ever. In fact, when you allow patients to leave your facility without establishing a secure payment method, your chances of getting paid are only about 30 percent. Make it easy for patients to get care and more than double your chances for collecting payment by offering a payment plan managed by CarePayment. CarePayment makes it easier for patients to receive timely surgical care and for your facility to get paid. Patient sign-up is easy; all patients need is a valid social security or taxpayer identification number. Once enrolled, patients gain access to an open line of credit for up to $25,000 and are responsible for making low monthly payments. Patients love the 0.0% APR and flexible terms. There's also no impact on their credit score or risk of being sent to collections. Providers do incur a sign-up fee.

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