Position Your Patient, and Surgical Team, for Success

Biodex has enhanced their Surgical C-Arm Tables so you get the best image, every time. Beneath the stainless steel aesthetic are details to improve the entire process, including a larger radiolucent area and more finite control. Select tables feature an exclusive SmoothGlide movement that floats the tabletop as if on air, and isocentric lateral roll motion that minimizes patient and table repositioning.
True for all Biodex Surgical C-Arm Tables, the radiolucent area is free of cross members. Functional design provides complete anatomical access, and when used with the Biodex Radiation Shields, will reduce radiation exposure to clinicians. Enhanced patient comfort translates to faster throughput and better diagnostic results.

For more information, visit www.biodex.com/imagingtables or click on "Learn More" below.