Making The World—And The OR—A Cleaner, Safer Place

Parasol Medical's MicrobeCare patented, EPA-registered molecularly bonded antimicrobial technology provides long-term reduction in OR surface contamination and helps stop the chain of infection before it starts. MicrobeCare is odorless, colorless, non-leaching, persistently germicidal, viricidal, bactericidal and tuberculocidal, and was tested for skin sensitivity and cytotoxicity. Parasol Medical evaluates and tests your facility's current bio burden levels on surfaces and key items and helps you develop a customized treatment plan to efficiently apply MicrobeCare to all surfaces, combating pathogens for long-lasting protection. Technicians educate your staff and key personnel on continuous tracking of surface bio burden to monitor trends. MicrobeCare can also be applied to many types of medical devices as a finishing application; it does not degrade from devices, leaving them unprotected.

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