These Fluid Absorbers Lower Risk and Cost

Manage fluid waste effectively and economically with Flagship Surgical's fluid disposal products. Dri-Safe super-absorbent disposable pads mean no laundry costs. The Fluid Diamond floor aspirator's diamond shape allows for superior fluid collection in more difficult areas to reach such as under surgical tables and in corners. The EcoSuctioner, Flagship's suction comfort mat, is large enough for two people to stand on comfortably but is still lightweight, ergonomic and economical. The EcoDriSafe Absorbent Rolls easily contain fluids and streamline OR cleanup procedures. They are ideal for use wherever fluids build up, including around scrub sinks and on lab station floors, and also help prevent slips and falls and minimize the transmission of harmful contaminants to healthcare providers. The superabsorbent pad material is manufactured with up to 33% recycled materials. A Wheeled Multi Dispenser is available (sold separately), allowing for easy storage and transportation of EcoDriSafe Absorbent Rolls throughout the surgical facility.

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