Stop Pain Cold—Without Opioids—for Your OA and TKA Patients

Pacira Biosciences' Iovera system puts innovative cryoanalgesia technology into your hands so you can block pain in your knee osteoarthritis and total knee arthroplasty patients immediately—and for up to 90 days—and get them back on their feet and on the road to recovery. The Iovera system allows targeted non-opioid pain relief with the delivery of freezing cold to block pain. Cryoanalgesia, the reversible destruction of the signal-carrying parts of a nerve, used to mean invasive treatments that used large, complicated machines. But Iovera revolutionizes cryoanalgesia delivery, allowing delivery of precise, controlled doses of cold only to targeted nerves with a handheld device. The needle-based procedure is safe and doesn't damage or destroy surrounding tissue. Treated nerves are temporarily stopped from sending pain signals for a period of time followed by a restoration of function.

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