A Combo HEPA and UV in One Portable Unit for the OR

Standard room air exchanges are not enough for todays busy and crowded OR. The Illuvia HEPA-Ultraviolet Air Recirculation System (HUAIRS) from Aerobiotix has a patented internal UV system combined with HEPA filtration and contamination-collecting cartridge technology, designed for a surgical OR. The Illuvia HUAIRS produces a directed, nonturbulent flow of air filtered to remove particulate matter and microorganisms, providing an area free of contaminants to reduce surgical infection rates. The Illuvia HUAIRS boasts a medical-grade HEPA filter (Cleanroom-grade HEPA filtration 99.87% rated), shielded internal germicidal UV system, and a disposable performance cartridge. Independently tested to eliminate >99.9% of viruses, bacteria and spores.

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