Minimize Flap Loss, Reduce Needless Re-Explorations

Synovis MCA brings you the marriage of two trusted technologies: the Flow Coupler device and a 20-MHz ultrasonic Doppler, for use in end-to-end anastomosis to detect blood flow and confirm vessel patency intra- and postoperatively at the anastomotic site. The Flow Coupler is a single-use, implantable device that includes a pair of permanently implanted rings that secure the anastomosis, and a removable Doppler probe that is press-fit onto one of the rings. When the Flow Coupler is used in conjunction with the Flow Coupler Monitor, the Flow Coupler System transmits audio of venous flow. It also has Wi-Fi capability that allows remote monitoring of flow. Postoperatively, blood flow can be detected on an as-needed basis for up to 7 days.

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