Active Patient Warming, No Tubes, No Wires, No Machines, No Hassles!

Welmed's Thermal Warming System delivers steady and consistent patient warming for both Perioperative and Intraoperative processes. There are many benefits of the new, patent-pending Thermal Warming System including: reduced cross contamination risks via a 100% disposable approach and the elimination of forced air, decreased costs and increased efficiencies through the elimination of capital equipment and most importantly, the constant and complete patient warming.

Perioperatively (Pre and Post OP), the system includes both a Patient Thermal Kit (Thermal Bouffant Cap and Thermal Treaded Footie Socks) and a Thermal and Active Warming Patient Blanket. Intraoperatively (in the OR), Flat, Orthopedic, C-Section, Poly U, Split and Pediatric Surgical Drapes have integrated Active Warming Pads.

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