Fight Patient Positioning Injuries With The BackPack

Did you know that one in four pressure ulcers get their start during surgery? And did you know they can cost from $5,000 to $90,000 to treat? Prevent pressure ulcers and the pain and suffering that comes with them with Surgical BackPacks from Xodus Medical. Aimed at spinal, orthopedic and neuro procedures, components can include a slotted head rest, arm cradles, arm boards, heel protectors, hip and thigh pad covers, and frame straps. They're made from high-density foam and feature a layer of DermaProx. This promotes proper positioning to help ensure optimal surgical access while protecting against pressure ulcers and nerve damage. BackPacks come vacuum packaged for easy storage. Choose from sets preconfigured for major surgical tables, including Andrews Table, Jackson Table and Wilson Frame, or customize BackPacks to meet your needs.

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