The Key to Nerve Block Efficiency

Place continuous nerve blocks more easily and quickly with innovative new products from Pajunk. Use the new SonoPlex II, which employs a needle inside a cannula, to place the tip in the desired area. The needle is highly visible on ultrasound — the distal end has 360 degrees of Cornerstone Reflectors on the first 20mm — and can be used with a stimulator as well. Deliver the initial bolus, then withdraw the needle with a simple twist. Now insert the E-Cath or E-Cath Plus into the indwelling catheter. Connect the catheter to the pump a luer-lock. Then fix the hub in place with the FixoCath fixation device. You're done! Product samples available.

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Innovative designs and legendary German engineering make Pajunk the preferred producers of nerve block products for anesthesia professionals worldwide.