Finally, a Cataract Laser Designed for the OR

Avoid the inconvenience and interruptions in patient flow associated with laser cataract surgery with Bausch & Lomb's innovative Victus Workstation. The Victus integrated surgical table and surgical grade microscope make it possible to do the entire operation including the manual portion on one patient platform. Surgeons can use the integrated surgical quality microscope on the workstation for superior approaches, or swing the table away from the laser and under your standard microscope for temporal approaches. The laser's VERAFIT docking system is especially impressive; the fluid filled patient interface conforms to the cornea comfortably, and the microscope and a real-time OCT helps you know if it's centered and if there are any epithelial folds that could interfere with the capsulorhexis. In addition to capsulotomies, fragmentation, arcuate incisions and corneal incisions, the Victus does LASIK flaps.

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