What Your Surgeons Have Been Waiting for: 3D in 4K

Wow your surgeons with Sony's 4K 3D system. It features 4K 3D medical-grade monitors that, when coupled with 4K cameras, deliver four times the resolution of full high-def displays. Both the slim 31-inch (LMD-X310MT) and 55-inch (LMD-X550MT) models work with the daVinci SI robotic system and other 3D endoscopic or robotic systems. They allow everyone in the OR to see in 3D. Record 4K 3D and 2D videos with the HVO-4000MT medical-grade video recorder; it captures up to 119 hours of 4K video recording on an internal hard drive. IP converters deliver easy management and fast distribution of the massive data files. Request a 4K demo today!

For more information, visit www.sony.com/4K3D or click on "Learn More" below.